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Laid Off?  Looking For A New Career?
Turn a difficult problem into an amazing opportunity!

Lost your job? More people than ever before are successfully launching their own business after being laid off.  The downturn does not translate into less need for skilled workers. Businesses still need the same work done ... often this is now being outsourced to a private contractor.

Solution: Be the private contractor and start your own business! (Don’t take our word for it, check out what ABC News has to say!)

See bottom of this page for the secret to running your business out of a nearby class A office building for only $99/month! Receptionist Included!

Pacific Business Centers is a leading incubator of start-ups and home based businesses.  We have helped numerous people turn the difficult loss of a job into a great opportunity.

From our experience, here are a few tips for success:

Stay Out Of Your Home!:

  • There are too many disruptions, temptations and distractions.

  • Helps you keep your routine.

Network, Network, Network!

  • Participate in a local small/startup business forum from your local chamber of commerce or non-profits such as the VC-TaskForce in Silicon Valley.

  • Offer to temporarily work part-time for free, you never know when and by whom your work will be noticed.

  • Attend a Pacific Business Centers free seminar for business start ups. Learn how to incorporate, how to set up an LLC, or whether a sole proprietorship is the way to go.






Join Our Jumpstart Program Today!

  • Access to shared space in a professional office.

  • Get out of your house and into a buzzing business environment

  • Instantly network with our in-house community

  • Get a FREE membership in the VC-TaskForce

  • All the resources you need (fax, copier, etc.) are at your fingertips.

    Best of all, you can start your business, look for a new job, or both – for what it would cost to work from Starbucks every day. (Our coffee is free!)

  • Toll Free: 888-838-2380